Thursday, April 29, 2010


We know that Mike over at Pop Trash Addicts is a bit of a fan of US songstress Kyrah, but now it's our turn to introduce you to her pop delights. And while there are no plans for an Australian release for her music just yet, the UK picture is just beginning to take shape.
Being lauded as a cross between Britney and Ke$ha, the British born, Los Angeles-based singer is about to hit her country of birth head-on with her debut single 'Uh-Oh', a catchy piece of dance-pop that will undeniably draw widespread comparisons with Ke$ha's worldwide No.1 mega-hit 'Tik Tok'.
And this week, she's dropped the official video, which features the temptress on a bed wearing minimal clothing and smudged make-up (leading us to believe that she's spent the night with that ripped young man).
The single's due to drop in Britain in June. No word yet on an Aussie release.

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Claudia said...

This is really starting to grow on me actually - can definitely see it being a big summer tune. She's kinda trashy and kinda cool.